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The Horn

vehicle horn is a sound-making device used to warn and/or caution others of the approach of the vehicle or of its presence.

With this in mind, I have to say I believe this isn’t what most people use the vehicle horn for nowadays.

Prime example:


As I was returning home from the neighborhood Stop N Shop grocery store a few nights past, I was coming up to an intersection that to continue my trek home required me to turn right. The light, however, turned red before I got the intersection. Being the responsible and competent driver that I am, I slowed to a come to a stop so that- if the coast was clear- I would then proceed and make my right-hand turn. The taxi driver behind me, however, had other designs. He apparently believes that a red light does not mean to come to a complete stop and proceed with caution, bu that it means to continue through the light without regard for my safety or the safety of others in other vehicles or pedestrians around me. 

Now those of you who have ridden in a car with me I am sure have at one point or another witnessed my “game” with people who insist upon being rude to other drivers on the road. Is my going 5 mph over the speed limit during rush hour still not fast enough for you that you insist on tailgating me? Oh, what’s that??? I think my car has suddenly  lost power! Damn! My odometer must be broken it’s reading now 5 mph under the speed limit. Sorry! What’s that you want to cut me off because even though you’ve driven this route countless times you still want to be the jerk that cuts in front of everyone HOLDING UP TRAFFIC because you couldn’t be the bigger sensible guy and PLAN ahead? Looks like you’ll have to be a jerk to someone else because this sugar isn’t letting you in. 

So when the taxi driver behind me hits his horn to tell me to not slow down and to continue through the light and make my turn, I make a decision to pretend that I don’t know you can turn on red after a complete stop. And I sit through the red light. Unhappy with my choice, the taxi driver begins to hit his horn again. Repeatedly. At least 8 or 9 times. I can’t help but laugh out loud at his display of stupidity and look around at the car beside me. There in the SUV next to me is a girl giving me a thumbs-up sign, with a huge grin on her face saying “Good job! Stay there!” Believe it or not the guy didn’t let up. He kept honking his horn until the light changed. He then followed me through our turn and completed an illegal action by turning into an outlet only lane. 

I can’t even being to tell you the kind of satisfaction I had in causing his ire.

Moral of the story: You unwisely display to all watching what a completely ridiculous individual you are. (To put it very nicely.) Choose your actions wisely when using the horn on your vehicle. Instead of achieving a desired result you might end up receiving the reverse action.