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It All Depends on You

Like most people I have my ups and my downs. When I was younger, I definitely had a pessimistic view to everything life had to offer. I’m not really sure what could have attributed to that type of outlook since I have always had a loving and caring family.

Nonetheless, it seemed easier to see the bad and negative in every situation. I’m not sure exactly when it began or even when it ended… or lessened at least. Eventually, I began thinking of myself as a realist. But let’s face it sometimes that really isn’t much better. 

 During high school my love for quotes began. There is no hill that never ends and He who has not carried loads himself does not know how heavy they are were and still are among my favorites. It was reassuring to read quotes that seemed to deliver the message: “Life moves on.” When people at their lowest many times they can’t or won’t hear this simple truth. It’s a difficult one to face for sure.

Cover of "The Walk: A Novel"

Cover of The Walk: A Novel


 In The Walk series by Richard Paul Evans, Alan Christoffersen describes Kailamai, in the second book Miles to Go, as someone who sees the glass as half-full instead of half-empty. She corrects him by saying instead that she is someone who is “thankful for the glass.” Since reading this tale, I have attempted to view things as Kailamai might. It isn’t by any means easy, but it definitely helps put things in perspective. For any one ever looking for a really good, easy read pick up any of  Richard Paul Evans’s novels. They are all great wholesome reads that make you feel as if you’ve grown with the characters and understand an aspect of your life a little more. I will warn you some of the tales are quite moving and you might read moments that bring you to tears. Each book is well worth the effort!  

 Each day now I try and not create situations that I might regret down the road. Since in life we can never backtrack or rewind I am making the effort to do and say what I need to. Needless to say I think everyone has a list of things that they would do differently. The following is a few of mine. 

 If I could do it differently, I would have: 

  • continued taking swimming lessons over the years. 
  • joined a different sorority.
  • asked more questions to determine the real motive to your interest. 
  • fought with him more.
  • asked for your thoughts and opinions on more topics.
  • taken more pictures with me in them instead of being the person behind the camera. 
  • not let so many people use me for their personal gain. 
  • attended the real university I wanted to attend.
  • gotten a picture of you and me.
  • have thought out the direction and ultimate goal for my life more. 
  • told you I loved you, the minute I realized and finally admitted it to myself.

To those of you who would challenge me on a few of these items on my list I make this statement to you: I am going to do my best to remedy those that I can. The others I will just have to live with and make the most of the situations my decisions have made for myself. 

When in doubt, SMILE