Let’s Talk About Me

The youngest of three born to an American Military Officer and his wife, it has been my good fortune to experience multiple cultures. Stemmed from my early childhood travels, I have adapted a nomadic lifestyle as an adult and seem to move to various parts of the United States after short domestic stays. I am hoping to be able to one day expand my travels to include the globe: visiting places I’ve only dreamed of. Unfortunately, at this time the only traveling I can afford can be done through books and television.

My purpose for this blog is to provide my friends, old and new, with doses of my randomness that- I have been told (possible lied to)- is missed whenever I move on to another place.  Hopefully, along the way it becomes appreciated by more people. Please feel free to leave feedback or a random comment of your own.


Skyline of Boston. Picture was taken from a wh...


My current location is Boston, Massachusetts. A place that although it has a moderate populace manages to maintain a “small town charm”. Boston’s beautiful skyline with it’s skyscrapers, the historical buildings and monuments, and cultural neighborhoods allure residents and tourists alike.

Make sure to bring earplugs because the accent becomes annoying not to long after you arrive and the city has an unhealthy obsession with it’s pro sports teams but hey it’s all part of the experience. “It’s wicked awesome!”

I love anything that requires me to be creative. Projects are- in my opinion- better than sliced bread. In my teenaged years, I wrote quite a bit of poetry with the goal of possible one day publishing them. I might break them out to include as fodder for this blog. You’ll see how deep I really am. 🙂 Also, I am artistically inclined (to be politically correct). I love creating graphite and charcoal drawings and have started in resent years to dabble in paint and oil pastels. So there might also be updates on my current art projects. Many of my friends have been recipients of my artwork and I even had a sculpture of mine in an art gallery in Atlanta, Georgia for a bit while I attended Savannah College of Art & Design in Savannah, Georgia.

I am still figuring myself out. Who I am and where I’m going is just as much a mystery to me at times as it is to strangers. I am determined to enjoy this life and simply “go with it.” I am not going to plan out every detail or stress over things I cannot change or control because real happiness comes randomly. I have more fun being spontaneous and unpredictable. My personal adage to live by is: “Life is in the mess.”